Tips for Parents Teaching Their Kids To Drive

Tips for Parents Teaching Their Kids To Drive

Teaching your kids to drive is a big responsibility. You want to be sure to set the best example for them and share your advice and wisdom as an experienced driver. Don’t let any of the important details slip your mind. Read these helpful tips for parents teaching their kids to drive.

Car Basics 101

Before you can get your teen on the road, you want to teach them the basics of operating a vehicle, including the many components within them. This may seem silly because most people have an idea of how the parts of a car work. However, there are different components and functions in every car.

Consider showing your teen how to open the hood of the car. Share with them the car manual and its location, and teach them where to locate their spare tire. The small details of your car are often the most important.

Car Maintenance

Routine car maintenance is part of being a safe driver. Teach your kids the steps they need to take to preserve their vehicle’s quality. This may include routinely checking their anti-freeze levels in the colder months or teaching them how to conduct a tire safety inspection. These are skills every driver should know to ensure they always have a safe drive.

Plan Your Trip

Think about your neighborhood and its roads. Is there an area you can expect to find less traffic and lower speed limits? Ask yourself these questions so you can plan an ideal trip for you and your new driver. Make the most out of the space you choose. Aim for a local park with small roads and empty parking lots. This will allow you to find space where you can practice different driving skills and parking methods.


The last tip for parents teaching their kids to drive is to have patience. It’s important to remind yourself of the first time you got behind the wheel. It’s not as easy and natural the first time around as it is after years of driving. Patience will allow your child to feel safe and calm during their first few test drives. Remaining patient will also help you and your teen maintain clear communication.

Teaching your teen to drive can be a challenge. Start on the right foot by following these helpful tips.

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