Three Ways To Spruce Up Your At-Home Classroom

Three Ways To Spruce Up Your At-Home Classroom

No one could have predicted the way our kids’ education was going to change this year. Many people who never intended on homeschooling their kids have found themselves in positions of trying to create educational spaces where there weren’t any before. Instead of looking at this as a setback, you can turn these ways to spruce up your at-home classroom into your own take-home project the whole family can get involved with.

Make It a Workspace

It’s hard to go from associating home with “the place where I relax” to “the place where I do schoolwork.” That’s why productivity can be so much more challenging at home. By creating a designated space for work, you can help kids switch off the “relaxation” brain and switch on the “learning” brain. Start by removing distractions from the immediate area when possible. Set up all the supplies your student will need so that they don’t have to wander around the house looking for it. You can even decorate the space with educational materials such as maps or number lines.


Being productive in spaces that are organized is much easier. In fact, working in a cluttered space can lead to heightened anxiety and stress, which is less than conducive to good education. The space where your child does the most work should be organized. If it’s at a desk, try to eliminate the clutter. Find places to store files other than the desk itself, and keep supplies organized for quick access. If it’s in another space such as a home office or bedroom, keep the room neat.

Get Creative!

Normal classrooms are filled with spaces where kids can get creative, whether through artwork or whiteboards to draw on. Why not use the same ideas to spruce up your at-home classroom? Get kids involved in creating art for their space, or bring the classroom aesthetic into the home by adding a chalkboard wall to your child’s room. Kids will enjoy working in a space they helped create.

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