The Ultimate List of Things To Do During a Quarantine


As we are all being told to stay inside to protect ourselves and our loved ones from Covid 19 I’m sure you are looking for things to do to keep from going crazy. I’m right there with ya. So I decided to put together the ultimate and living list of things to do during your quarantine. I’ll be adding to this list as I find more activities. So be sure to check back for new additions.

Virtual Field Trips


Georgia Aquarium

Seattle Aquarium

Tropical Reef Aquarium

Monterey Bay Aquarium


Polar Bear Cam

Elephant Cam

Atlanta Zoo Panda Cam

San Diego Zoo

Houston Zoo


Uffizi Gallery

Museum of Naples

National Gallery of Art Washington DC

Van Gogh Museum

National Museum of Nature and Science



Google Expeditions

Colonial Williamsburg


Great Wall of China

Ellis Island

Yosemite National Park

Discover Hawaii

England 360 Tour


Mars 360

Virtual Concerts

Diplo will be live streaming every night –

Miley Cyrus will host hour long live streams on Instagram starting at 2:30 p.m. ET Monday – Friday.

Grammy Museum At Home will include music education lessons and activities on Sundays and Tuesdays, public program archives on Monday, Wednesday and Saturdays and at-home exhibit exploration on Fridays.

Follow #Togetherathome for updates concert updates from John Legend 

Garth Brooks has announced that he will play a concert on his weekly “Inside Studio G” Facebook series on Monday (March 23) at 7 p.m. ET. The show will be just Brooks and a guitar (and possibly wife Trisha Yearwood) taking requests for up to an hour.

Netflix Party

Watch Netflix with your friends with this Chrome Extension that synchronizes what you are watching and lets you chat with your friends during the show or movie. 

Play Video Games with Friends

Video games aren’t just for your kids. Kick them off of Fortnite for a bit so that you can play games with your friends. You need socialization just as much as your kids. Jump online and play a round of video games with your buddies. Act like a kid again and enjoy your free time. 

Teleconferencing with friends and community

Set up Zoom, Facebook or Skype chats with your friends and community. I’m seeing people from a lot of my communities including church, school and meditation groups get together with online chats. This is a great way to keep from being socially isolated. Keep your friends and loved ones close, but not too close during this time. 

Keep checking back to more updates. I’ll keep adding more ideas as I see them. Stay well my friends!

12 thoughts on “The Ultimate List of Things To Do During a Quarantine”

  1. mriveraediblesense – Texas, USA – Chef. Army Wife. Homeschool Mom. Food Blogger. Coffee Addict. Laugh-Snorter. General Smart-Aleck.

    As a mom who homeschools on a regular basis, I hope these organizations continue these great offers throughout the year.

  2. Thanks for putting these together! I’m so glad there are lots of organizations/places working on providing these things while we’re under shelter in place/self-quarantining!

  3. Singing A New Song – Hello, I'm Shayla! I'm a blogging/vlogging homeschooling mom of many, wife to one, and work at home mom. We are a big, Jesus loving, God fearing family and we love to laugh! Common topics you’ll find here include faith, marriage, motherhood, homeschooling, lifestyle, domestic arts, herbs & oils, and holistic living (with a realistic, big family mama/frugal approach). I love sharing practical solutions we find to problems we encounter, as well as things that inspire and encourage us through this crazy, beautiful journey!

    I love the idea of virtual field trips. What a neat idea! We will be utilizing this post a lot over the next weeks. Thank you!

  4. We have been participating in the different virtual field trips and live streams provided by museums and libraries. We are regular homeschoolers and never used a “screen” this much, but it is a nice change to our day!

  5. These are great suggestions. I never thought about taking a tour virtually…you have me thinking about using an app with our virtual reality glasses. Thanks for the inspiration! 👓🚢🍕

  6. Rikki Ridgeway – Hello world! Just a stay at home mom, trying to survive this motherhood life. I hope you enjoy my journey, and will follow along.

    Great resource list! I have a list on my blog as well, and a few of these are on my list too. Great minds think alike! I love love love the virtual field trips.

  7. Awesome list and several great ideas. We’ve been having a blast watching family movies in our backyard with an outdoor projector and screen. Costs less than you think and provides hours of family fun!

  8. I’m trying to learn the Turntable playing in this quarantine and this is a great activity for me. You article is really helpful for me. Thank you for sharing it.

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