The Magical Connection Between Protein & Weight Loss

Weight loss is a common objective for a lot of people, especially as the bikini season is only a few months away. First of all, let’s get some truths out of the way:

  • It is normal to put on some weight during the colder months, as there are a lot of festive events, from Halloween sweets to Valentine’s Day’s dinner. 
  • Storing fat in winter is an evolutionary response
  • You may be less active in winter. 

While this may not help you make peace with your winter body, it can, at least, explain the phenomenon. In the meantime, you’ve decided to lose weight ahead of summer. The weight loss process can be tough, but thankfully, there are some tips that can make it easier and more manageable. Starting with small and achievable goals is the best approach you can take. But if you are still struggling with cravings, we’ve got good news for you: It’s time to increase your protein intake. 

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Protein can help with weight loss

When you consume more protein, you will feel full for longer. In other words, a protein-heavy meal is more likely to prevent cravings because you will not be feeling hungry. On the other hand, if you’ve been focusing on huge vegetable portions in order to lose weight, you are probably familiar with mid-afternoon cravings. Indeed, protein can actively reduce your appetite and hunger levels more than any other macros. 

Additionally, protein can help increase your muscle mass, which in turn will increase your metabolism. Heavier muscle mass means your body is burning more calories.

Should you go full Keto?

It can be tempting to embrace the Keto diet when you increase your protein intake. However, this may not be a good idea for everyone. The Keto diet can burn fat rapidly. But unfortunately, it is a type of diet that can put your kidney health at risk. Indeed, the digestive process for protein is intensive and requires the kidneys to cleanse a high amount of protein waste from the blood. 

A lot of Americans can experience early levels of kidney disease when attempting a Keto diet. Signs that your kidneys may not be in optimal condition for this diet include an increased need to pee, itchy skin, insomnia, and water retention in your feet and hands. It’s best to stay away from Keto to maintain your kidney function!

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Prepare a delicious protein meal

Instead of going down the Keto route, you can maintain a balanced diet while increasing your protein. Meat, fish, and egg-based meals are a great way to add a lot of protein to your diet. Besides, a high protein intake doesn’t have to feel like dieting. Boiled eggs and avocados may be fun, but if you want to enjoy high-protein meals, switch for something delicious with this melt-in-your-mouth red braised pork belly in an Instant Pot, which can be paired with grains for fiber or even warm vegetables for a light and yummy option. This kind of dish already contains carbs as part of the seasoning, so the pork is best paired with vegetable side dishes like on a Chinese buffet or Konjak noodles for extra fiber. 

Bringing more protein into your diet can boost your weight loss journey and make it more manageable. More importantly, be careful not to overdo it when it comes to protein intake. Processing protein is heavy on the kidney, so always aim for balanced macros in your meals. 

The Magical Connection Between Protein & Weight Loss

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