The 7 Best Team-Building Activities for Kids

Children are extremely talented learners.

So by learning key teamwork skills, children can get ahead of the curve. 75% of employers highly value teamwork but 86% of employees report a lack of collaboration in the workplace.

These skills won’t just help a child’s future professional prospects. They will also help them become well-rounded individuals.

Read on to learn what the best team-building activities are. They’ve enriched and entertained children for years, even decades!

1. Jenga

In this game, players take turns removing a block from a block tower and placing it on top without toppling it over. Children will tell each other how to remove a block efficiently, even moving blocks strategically to make the next player’s turn easier. This game requires effective communication and mindfulness for everyone to succeed.

2. Group Jumprope

Synchronization is vital for this activity since the entire group must start again if jumpers make contact with the rope. Jumpers must be mindful of each others’ timing to avoid contact with the rope. Rope-turners must be mindful of the jumpers’ rhythm and of the other child turning the rope.

3. Jigsaw Puzzle

Puzzling requires a team strategy and constant communication. Children might build the puzzle piece by piece or build individual sections of the puzzle to combine at the end, but they still need to be conscious of what others are doing. They’re all working towards a big picture and will be invested in how others are contributing.

4. Laser Tag

Exciting and physically-charged, this activity involves both competition and collaboration. Laser tag separates players into teams, who must strategize how to hit as many enemies and avoid getting hit themselves. They’ll develop a sense of protectiveness for their team members and camaraderie in their quest for a victory.

5. Bake a Cake

Children will enthusiastically collaborate with each other for a delicious treat. Some kids can work on the cake while others work on the frosting, and learn about basic baking science in the process. They’ll get a lot of satisfaction from this endeavor and learn the value of splitting tasks towards a common goal.

6. Tug of War

To play, teams are situated on either side of a strong tug-of-war rope, with players using their collective strength to pull the rope to their side. The player at the front end of the rope can exercise leadership skills, cheering and setting a rhythm effective enough to lead their team to triumph.

7. Pretzel, Unpretzel

To set up this game, players must tie themselves into a “human knot”, interlinking arms and holding hands so that they loop around each other. They must separate themselves without unclasping their hands. To win, they must navigate themselves around each other and offer guidance for each others’ blind spots.

The Best Team-Building Activities Will Build Bright Futures

Teamwork comes in various forms and creates much of the world’s success. Children are the future of that success and should prepare themselves for that path.

By participating in the best team-building activities, they will enthusiastically develop the skills needed for future victories. Many of these need minimal equipment and space, so set up an activity for them today!

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