Social Distancing Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

Social Distancing Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

The extended quarantine has hit us all in different ways, most of them not so great. While we struggle to regain a sense of normalcy, children are struggling to deal with all of this, too. One aspect of being a kid that is more difficult now is celebrating birthdays and hosting birthday parties. The big class parties and themed sleepovers that many children have come to expect aren’t possible at the moment. However, that doesn’t mean we have to give up trying. These social distancing birthday party ideas for kids will help you to make them feel special while keeping them safe.

Have a Birthday Parades

Rather than a traditional party, a new trend that has become immensely popular is hosting a birthday parade. Your child still gets to see all of their loved ones—from a safe distance—and it helps to make them feel like that day is really all about them. Planning a birthday parade can actually be easier than coordinating a whole party, so it’s a win-win situation.

Create New Family Traditions

Just because you can’t have a party, that doesn’t mean you can’t still make lasting memories. As long as you take into account what your child wants to do, you can turn anything into a tradition. Perhaps a baseball game outside, making snowmen, cooking together, or having dessert for dinner could be your new birthday family tradition.

Video Game Hangouts

Not able to see your friends in real life? See them virtually over video games! You could also do a virtual birthday party without video games, but the added stimulation will keep the kids engaged and feeling connected to one another. Plenty of new, kid-friendly games now let you connect to others with cameras and microphones over Wi-Fi, so hook some up and get playing.

Family and Friends Montage

All you need for this idea is a bit of technical know-how and some recorded clips of your friends and family talking directly to your child. Splice the videos together to create a montage that they can go back and watch whenever they want.

When you’re considering social distancing birthday party ideas for your kids, keep in mind that all your kids really want is to feel special that day. Anything you can do to make them feel that way is exactly what you should do. Just remember to talk through why you’re doing things this way—they might understand better than you think.

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