Sea Crest Resort Myrtle Beach Review

seacreast resort myrtle beach

Have you ever loved staying at a resort so much that you marked it on your list for places to stay again? We had that experience at Sea Crest Resort in Myrtle Beach 2 years ago. 2 years ago we stayed at Sea Crest for our fall break trip and fell in love. This year when we were deciding on where to go for our summer vacation we decided to give Sea Crest another try. Did it live up to our previous expectations? Read on to find out if we are planning to visit again.

We checked into Sea Crest late Friday night on memorial day weekend. As we arrived in Myrtle Beach we were suprised to find that not only was the beach crowded because of memorial day weekend, it was crowded because it was bike week. Because of bike week Ocean Blvd was closed to one lane so it took us an extra 30 minutes to get down the road to our resort. Needless to say we were exhausted when we checked in.

Check in went pretty smooth. We got our key and parking pass, unloaded our car and parked in the parking garage across the street.

When we got up to our condo we were relieved to be able to relax after a 8 ½ hour drive, which under normal conditions would have been 6 ½ hours. It was too late for the kids to swim since the pool closed at 11pm and they needed to sleep anyways. We all needed to sleep.

We woke up the next morning to inspect our place a little better. Overall we really liked the oceanfront condo. We stayed on the 11th floor and have a fantastic view of the beach and resort pool below us. Our condo was a 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom with king size bed, murphy bed and small sleeper sofa.

The galley kitchen was much smaller than I remembered. It had a full size refrigerator and freezer, small stove/oven combo and the basic utensils, pots and pans and plates we needed. The downside to the kitchen set up was that the only closet space in the condo happened to be where the kitchen is and the only space to store the trash can. Needless to say I wasn’t to keen on hanging out clothes above the trash can.

A few quirky things:

The condo looked like it had been heavily used and maintenance was a little iffy. For example, the outlets were a little weak. Our chargers would fall out of the outlets and the cover plates seemed a little loose. The faucets around the shower were a little rusty. And the dimmer light switch in the living room was broken down to a little nub. The condo could definitely use a little love. But these things didn’t really bother us since we weren’t really there for the condo. We were really there for the resort amenities and the beach.

The Amenities:

The resort had 2 lazy rivers, 2 outdoor pools, a waterslide and massive water play area for kids, an indoor pool and 2 hot tubs. There was also a tiki bar and concession stand that served some pretty good burgers for lunch. We had access to a little coffee shop and convenience store on the property which came in really handy. And there was a fitness center on site. Needless to say the resort had all of the amenities that we love.

The verdict: Will we return?

We really enjoyed our stay at Sea Crest. In fact my son said it was the best vacation ever. But I think we might try some other resorts in the area. While we loved all of the amenities the resort had to offer, our condo needed some love. Because of this we might try to find a resort that is a little nicer and more up to date.

Where do you stay when you visit Myrtle Beach?

12 thoughts on “Sea Crest Resort Myrtle Beach Review”

  1. We haven’t been to Myrtle Beach, but we want to take our kids soon. Sounds like you had a decent time at the resort, and I can relate to places that could use some TLC. Maybe next time you can find a newer property. It seems like there is a lot to choose from in that area.

  2. Terri Beavers – United States – Terri Ramsey Beavers. Lifestyle & product review blogger.

    We love going to Myrtle Beach but haven’t been this year. I don’t think we’ve ever stayed at this resort but I’ll be sure to check it out on our next trip. I have also been to some places over there that needed TLC but we had a great time regardless as we spend very little time at resorts or hotels.

  3. Oh interesting! Been thinking about taking a trip and Myrtle Beach sounds like a relaxing place to visit. Sea Crest seems great for the family so we’ll see! – Sondra Barker @cuisineandtravel

  4. Catherine – I am the owner, manager and author of the popular food & lifestyle blog, Living the Gourmet. With the intention of 'making traditional and exotic cuisines simple', I have set out to promote only the best ingredients for easy, home-cooked meals that anyone and everyone can enjoy. Living the Gourmet showcases a variety of cuisines and cooking techniques. There is always something new to discover and enjoy!

    Looks like such a fun place. My brother just flew down to Myrtle beach this weekend! I’d love to visit sometime as well.

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