Reinvent Your Summer BBQ With New Serving Suggestions

The world has changed since quarantine, why not change too and include some surprising options on your summer menu.

summer bbq

It’s summer! Or it has been for a while, few of us though have been able to take advantage of the good weather. 

Also, holidays are off or have been postponed. 

It’s been challenging but necessary, lives have been saved. Slowly now, quarantine conditions around the world are easing, tight restrictions are beginning to lift, and people are permitted to meet again in small, responsible groups. 

That could mean meeting in the park, going for a nature walk, or sitting in the garden with a few select friends. 

The world has changed significantly since the pandemic. No other situation in generations has caused such a radical shift in our routines, habits, working lives, and world views. Even when the pandemic is over, which will be one day; it is still very uncertain whether things will settle back into the old ways.

Now might be the best time to embrace ‘The New Normal.’ 

If you decide to invite some friends to your house for an overdue bbq, why not embrace the new normal. Offer surprising suggestions on the menu, that are sure to make them feel optimistic about the future.  

Vegan Options 

BBQs are traditionally associated with burgers, steaks, and sausages. Still, with an increasing number of friends switching to vegan, the bbq menu is changing. Even committed steak lovers will be willing to try these meat-free delights.

Vegan bbq ribs – made from seitan these meat-free ribs offer a real bite. They can be cooked on the grill, turned and forked like authentic ribs, and taste great smothered in smoky bbq sauce. 

Veggie Kebabs – These kebabs, made with tofu, and a selection of choice vegetables, are dosed in a peanut sauce that you will fall in love with. Grilling on the barbie is easy and authentic. 


Bring a new dimension to your bbq menu with appetizers from around the world. Appetizers are a great way to welcome people to your BBQ, offer something to eat while people chat and make sure your friends don’t get too hungry while waiting. 

Asian Appetizers – choose a selection of Asian favourites that can be bought frozen and heated in the oven or on the bbq. Options include; Chinese dumplings and crispy chicken bites with delicious sauces.

Mexican Appetizers – Offer your friends fantastic Mexican appetizers without the trouble of finding recipes to make. Choose from quesadillas, mini taco, and more. 

A Drinks Menu 

It’s not all about the booze. Some people these days prefer non-alcoholic options, perhaps because they’re driving, or they just prefer to be alcohol-free. 

The market for non-alcoholic beverages is growing, but there are still very few options to choose from. If you want to make these people feel welcome and catered too, here are a few great ideas. 

Alcohol-Free cider – Cider is an excellent choice for a bbq, it’s casual and easy. Kopparberg is a leading brand with a wide range of flavours. 

Alcohol-Free Cocktails – These cocktail ideas are perfect for a colourful summer vibe in your garden. Your friends will love talking about the variety of flavours and the fact they’re so good without the alcohol. 

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