Red Rock Canyon Adventure

red rock canyon adventure

If you are looking for an escape to nature from the lights and sounds of Las Vegas Red Rock Canyon State Park is just the place for you. You will marvel at the sights of this beautiful park. No matter what kind of adventure you are looking for you are sure to find it at Red Rock Canyon. 


There are 26 trails located throughout Red Rock Canyon State Park. There are shorter, easy hikes that anyone can do. And there some longer, more strenuous hikes. Each hike has something unique to offer. You can see a petroglyph wall, get fabulous views of Las Vegas or see some seasonal waterfalls. This is a hikers paradise. 


Red Rock Canyon is known for amazing rock climbing for everyone. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro, you are going to have a blast scaling the walls. Be sure to bring lots of water. Some of the climbs require quite a bit of hiking to get to. 

Scenic Drive

If you aren’t in the mood for a hike, you can take a drive through the 13 mile scenic route. This route will take you through the highs and lows of the canyon. There are several scenic lookouts along the way. This route is perfect for a family with small kids. 


There is one campground in Red Rock Canyon State Park. This campground is perfect for tent campers. You will be roughing it at Red Rock Canyon, but it will be worth it. There is electricity or water hookups for rv campers so be prepared to use your camper as a simple shelter. 


The 13 mile scenic route is perfect for bikers. Riding your bike through the 13-mile route will allow you to take your time to see all of the local floral and fauna of the region. You’ll be surprised at the plants you will see and you might even see a few animals along the way. If you want to do some off-roading, there are trails designated especially for mountain bikers.

Red Rock Canyon State Park is a must see when you visit Nevada. Be sure to stop by the visitor’s center when you enter the park for more information. You can also check out some pretty cool exhibits and talk to the rangers to get their recommendations on things to do during your visit. 

27 thoughts on “Red Rock Canyon Adventure”

  1. Red White Adventures

    This place looks amazing.. I’d love to get into climbing. Not going to Las Vegas anytime soon..instead going to Red Rock 😛

  2. We love Las Vegas Red Rock Canyon State Park. My family and I love to go outdoors if we have the chance and this is actually one of our favorite places. My boys loves rock climbing + the scenic drive just makes the trip worth it. 🙂

  3. Parent On Board – United States – I am a blogger and mental health professional. I strive to make the parenting journey easier and more enjoyable by using my background in mental health and my experience as a mom of 2.

    That looks so beautiful. I feel like I’ve been there when I was a kid visiting Vegas with parents. I don’t recall venturing too far in but even as much as I saw looked beautiful.

  4. adrianeryann – United States – Hi! I'm a mom to three boys and a wife to a super handy amazing man. From being a photographer for now blogger, I have an obsession with learning about whatever I'm currently doing and sharing that knowledge with others.

    This looks like an incredible park! We don’t live too far so I really want to check out the hikes. I love red rocks, hiking, outdoors, and basically everything this place stands for. Thanks for posting!
    Adriane recently posted…The Very First Thing Parents Must Do Before Correcting Behavior (To Get Kids to Listen)

  5. tayloroldman – Entrepreneur, writer, blogger, come visit us at

    Las Vegas is known for its glitz and casinos. Never thought of it as having any nature parks. Great stopover on a road trip.

  6. Jen Talley – Hi! I'm Jen! I have a seriously love for cooking and even greater love for eating good food.

    I traveled out west and visited Zion National Park and Bruce Canyon. I will have to try to make it here next time I plan a trip! Beautiful photos!

  7. Retirestyle Travel – Our blog, Retirestyle Travel, has travel inspiration & information for older travellers thinking about becoming snowbirds or retiring abroad.

    I love the colour and shapes on this hike.

  8. shemindfully – A 20-something year old psychologist-in-training writing about mindfulness and intention filled living with hopes of inspiring or helping other young women who feel lost or insecure in a time meant for self discovery.

    Ugh, this is beautiful! I have a trip planned to head out there next summer, definitely adding this to the list!

  9. Goldfish and Gin – I'm a perfectly imperfect large family mom with a love for family, fashion, beauty and supporter of breastfeeding and body positivity.

    This place looks amazing! I’d love to check it out one day.

  10. JulesMaybeTryThis – A recovering lawyer, I share tips of being a Step Mom, Parent Ninja, Divorce, and Adventure Travels

    I’ve been here too and enjoyed the views you posted. Some people think it’s not much of a hike or exercise, but I think it is ample — and a great way to spend it with friends or family

  11. Polly – Philippines – Polly Amora is the general manager of a privately owned corporation in Manila, Philippines. She is a life-long learner who is extroverted to the extreme, knows four languages, is loud and outspoken, and enjoys adventure in the mountains, the beach, and the city. You can throw her wherever and she'll handle it like a pro. Her weaknesses include ice cream and beer.

    I fangirled upon reading this! Red Rocks Canyon is on the bucket list as well as Death Valley. I’m a huge fan of hiking and Red Rocks Canyon sounds like somewhere that I would enjoy. I’m even more happy that we can actually rock climb! Thank you for featuring this!
    Polly recently posted…Learn a Language: French

  12. A fork on the road – Ramblings of a curious stomach

    How awesome! I would absolutely love to climb that wall! I just began climbing some months ago and I’m obssessed!

  13. aisasami – Japan

    This looks like an idyllic place to go hiking. I have to share this with my uncle as he likes to hike and lives right near Las Vegas!

  14. Shelley from Sailing Andromeda – Bend, OR – Muffins mean yes.

    Red Rock Canyon looks like a great hike. I’m thinking it probably gets alot of foot traffic from vacationers in Vegas. I think we were going to take a helicopter ride over this area once, but ended up not doing it. Will check it out for sure next time we are there!

  15. rakshanagaraj – Sydney and Bangalore – Welcome! I’m Raksha Nagaraj, the blogger and social media influencer behind Solopassport. My primary focus is on solo female traveling, hiking, and scuba diving.

    This definitely looks like a great adventure. I will bookmark this post so I can use it for future travel plans.

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