The REAL Things People Don’t Warn You About When Having Kids

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When I was pregnant I got all kinds of advice and warnings about becoming a mom. People would tell me that I wouldn’t get 4 consecutive hours of sleep until the kids started school. I was told how fast my children would grow up and to cherish every moment. I was warned about every food, sunscreen and baby proofing thing you could think of, if back then the taotronics humidifier would have existed I would have probably gotten it. But not once, did anyone give me a heads up about the thing I am about to endure with my oldest child.

Not one person told me how hard it was going to be the first time you send your child away on a 4 day field trip. No one told me that I was going to have to let go and allow my 11-year-old to have her independence to go on this trip without myself or her father. Not one person warned me that not only would I have to let my daughter go, but I would only get to talk to her once a day while she is away.

This weekend I will be dropping my daughter off to ride on a bus with all of her friends to take a 12-hour drive up to Washington D.C. I still can’t believe she is old enough to be going on this trip. I knew this day was coming. I’ve watched for years as the 5th graders before her went on this trip thinking, “One day, that will be me sending my daughter on that trip.”

No matter how long I’ve known about this trip and no matter how long we’ve prepared for this trip, I still don’t feel ready. I’ve been to meetings, talked with the chaperones, and bought everything she needs for this trip and I’m still not ready to let go.

But bright and early Friday morning I’m going to give her a big hug and let her go knowing that she’ll be back in a few short days. And I’ll try my best not to let her see me cry as she gets on that bus. I think she’s seen me cry enough this year as she’s sailed through the 5th grade.

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  1. No one can ever prepare you for motherhood and what is to come. It seems like you have done everything you can. I am dreading the day my kids get older and things like this come up!

  2. itsasweetsweetworld – 👫 Akriti & Tushar | Food & Travel 🌎 Pack Your Bags, It’s Time To See The World ✌🏻 Budget Travels in Style

    This was definitely a good read for me. I’m not experienced with kids.

  3. My kids aren’t quite old enough to go on long school trips like that. However, we have left them with grandparents for 3-day weekend trips before. The first few hours are fine… then it gets closer to night time and you start wondering if they will be able to sleep okay in a different place away from you. Casually texting to check up on things without coming across as an overly paranoid parent. Then relieved to know they are okay and having a great time.

  4. serenarogers19 – Writer, Poet and Blogger; Exploring my passion for writing, whilst inspiring people to find there own...

    I have this to come! Not looking forward to it at all!

  5. panushwari – Poorna Banerjee writes about food, travel and lifestyle and reviews products on her blog.

    It’s very very difficult! I remember my baby sister’s first day of school – my mom cried for an hour after she left.

  6. panushwari – Poorna Banerjee writes about food, travel and lifestyle and reviews products on her blog.

    Oh, I remember how my mom cried on the first day of my sister’s school. It’s hard!

  7. Ann – I am Ann. I am a mom and an entrepreneur who loves to sing. I am a proud Cebuana and I speak four languages including my native tongue. I love taking pictures of my love ones and nature, making each moment not passed without me recording or printing scrapbooks of those times. For me, family always comes first. This blog is just based on my opinions, ideas or products that I am satisfied with and because of that I want the world to know on how it helped me. If in any way you want to do or buy the ideas/products I am mentioning here, I am very much willing to share it to you but the sole responsibility remains with you.

    Yes, exactly the same thing when my son had his first trip. We, moms are the same so to speak LOL

  8. Rudy – Water chemistry expert💦 & Swimming Pool Ninja🐱‍👤, Consultant to the Aquatics Industry, and 30+ year pool industry veteran, CEO/President of Aquatic Facility Training & Consultants, Chief Blogger at Pool Operator Talk News 🌎

    my personal favorite was always the advice you get from currently childless

  9. My Spiritual Shenanigans

    As I transition from the daughter role into being a mom one day, it is kinda scary to read all these posts! But at the same time good to know. Thank you for sharing your perspective on sleepovers and stuff 🙂

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