My Universal Mantra – Baba Nam Kevalam

Baba Nam Kevalam

Just last year my meditation practice was drastically changed. I went from focusing on my breathing while meditating to focusing on a beautiful universal mantra while meditating. This universal mantra is Baba Nam Kevalam.

Baba Nam Kevalam is a sanskrit mantra. Baba means beloved. Nam means name. Kevalam means only. So it translates to “Only the name of the beloved”, or more simply “Love is all there is”.

As a universalist this mantra really resonated with me and continues to resonate with me. While focusing on this mantra during meditation, I am able to focus on the beauty of love. The mantra gives me something positive and truly beautiful and meaningful to focus on during meditation.

I also use this mantra while singing kirtan. Singing kirtan with this mantra instantly elevates my mood. For example, I can be driving to a meeting that I am really dreading or be stuck in traffic. If I start singing kirtan while I am driving, I forget that dread and anxiousness. The drive goes more smoothly and I forget that I was anxious about that meeting.

If you really focus on the meaning of the mantra, you will start to see a big difference in your meditation and life in general.

10 thoughts on “My Universal Mantra – Baba Nam Kevalam”

  1. This is a positive mantra! I love that you shared it with us, I’m sure it will be helpful to share with others as well to keep us in a peaceful state of mind.

  2. I’d love to get into meditation as I think it will help with my stress levels at work, what would you suggest is the best way to start that will help you stick with it?

    1. The biggest thing that has helped me is finding a community that meditates together. We have an online meditation community that you are welcome to join. We meditate together every Saturday morning and have a meditation class.

  3. Eileen – I am just some unknown dragon living life one day at a time.

    I love the quote. It is so true. Love is all there is. The most important thing that makes us alive. Of all the emotions, we must just focus on love and this is going to create the change our world badly needs right now.

  4. Beautifully inspiring!
    “Love is all there is” is such a positive and refreshing focal point and I never would have thought to redirect from my deep breathes in and out to a greater sense of peace prior to this read.

  5. What a powerful message! I absolutely adore this. Love is the most important thing and, if we focus on that, we can’t focus on all the negative aspects of life.

  6. Sabrina Barbante – Giornalista, blogger, scrittrice ('Il rumore della neve' e 'Ultimo Fuoco' i suoi primi due romanzi). Viaggiatrice compulsiva.

    This is something I’ve always said, even if I don’t know what a mantra exactly is :-). Nothing is more real, and nothing has more consequences on our life than love.

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