Missy Mila Review and Giveaway

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My kids would watch tv all day if I would let them so when I do let them watch tv I want to make sure it’s something that we all can enjoy. Let’s face it. Some cartoons are just downright annoying! Hearing Calliou’s whiny voice is like nails on a chalkboard for me. I was excited to get to review a children’s tv show I had never heard of. When I read it was about a little girl who is a tomboy with a creative imagination I knew this would be just the show for my 8 year old daughter.

I got Missy Mila Twisted Tales Volume 1. Both my 3 year old and 8 year old loved all of the shows on volume 1. They liked it so much that it has become one of the top requested shows they want to watch (Despicable Me 2 is the big competitor in our house right now). They seem to really enjoy what they call her “silly accent” and funny storytelling.

The episodes on volume one include:

  • The Hidden Princess
  • The Toupouloupou
  • Baba Yaga the Witch
  • Djoha’s Last Lie
  • Piboule and the Bear
  • Strabiwolf the Telltale
  • The Donkey and the King
  • The Houses of the Pig Brothers
  • Elvis, Captain Bloody-Nose the Pirate
  • The Leprechaun’s Treasure
  • Aurel the Mocker
  • Pancho Pimento’s Riddle

This is what Organa Kids, the Missy Mila creators have to say about Missy Mila:

“Mila is an 8-year-old quirky, energetic tomboy who loves to tell you traditional story-tales but with her own twist. Kids will be inspired to use their imagination and to become storytellers themselves. Audience participation is triggered by Mila’s direct-to-camera asides all along the episode; her questions and games bring kids right into the story. Join Mila, laugh at the zany dialogs and fresh art in this innovative series which explores the world of classic tales.

Traditional tales are timeless stories that everyone loves to delve back into, generation after generation. Far from old-fashioned clichés, the series “Missy Mila: Twisted Tales” revamps this cultural heritage through the imagination and spontaneity of a present-day little girl. Mila’s stories are peppered with spicy anachronisms and offbeat re-interpretations. So, don’t act surprised if you see a prince applying hair gel before setting out to rescue a princess, unless the latter is a kung-fu champion, that is! As for the dreadful Minotaur, Mila prefers to picture him as the Toupouloupou, a sweetie pie with a sweet tooth. And why do the wolves always have to be depicted as the bad guys? And, in her very personal adaptation of the Three Little Pigs, Mila swaps the awfully shy big bad wolf for an affable bull that… rocks!”

If you are interested in checking out Missy Mila for your kids you are in luck! I will be running a giveaway to win a copy of Missy Mila Twisted Tales! Be sure to enter!
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11 thoughts on “Missy Mila Review and Giveaway”

  1. Karlyn Bishop – Laguna Beach, CA – I am the creator of voiceBoks (https://voiceBoks.com), founder of Social Media Panel (https://mysmpanel.com), and co-author of The Blogger's Survival Guide. Please come and check them out!

    I was a tomboy once and can totally relate! I like this and sounds like the video is something to start with too!

  2. Jessica Hehir – I’m a former broadcast journalist who found her calling in motherhood. The format of the show has changed. I troll Pinterest now instead of the AP wires. Other than that, my day job is pretty much the same as it ever was, complete with long hours and big personalities. I’m always looking for opportunities to put my writing/party planning to good use in the business world as I work over time to create sweet childhood memories for my three young daughters; the sugar in my life. They give me plenty of inspiration. Things don’t always go as planned, but we often have a good laugh at our own expense. The support and The Spice in my life come from my handsome Irish husband.

    You caught my attention with Cailliu. Sounds like we have a similar household. Thanks for the suggestions. We will be checking them out.

  3. coastalkellysue – Emergency room nurse turned stay-at-home-mom of 2 small children...WHAT WAS I THINKING?? I wouldn't change it for the world! Through all the chaos, tears, and timeouts, I'm learning what life is really about. Love!!! Check out "about me" for more...

    I really love Super Why, and thankfully, so does my son, Ty.

  4. kbwhiskey – I'm a professional blogger for the site, Our Whiskey Lullaby. I'm usually known as "The Bird Lady" since I own 8 parrots and love almost anything with feathers. I also homeschool my daughter, Mary, who is five years old.

    This looks like a really cute show for kids!

  5. Looks like it has pretty good material for kids. I do not really like the current theme of shows today. They no longer foster moral values. Even cartoons have violence. I think Mila’s adventures would be a better option for the younger generation to watch. Thank you for sharing

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