My Life Changing Experience at Beachbody Coach Summit

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Wow! So it’s been a while since I’ve actually sat down to write out a blog post. It seems I just lost my inspiration and drive to blog for a pretty good amount of time. I guess you could say I’ve just been a little lost in my thoughts this summer and bogged down with day to day life. It’s so easy to just get complacent and stop caring about the things you once loved to do. Well, let me tell you that I have recently had an experience that has changed my life! I am FIRED UP and making things happen!! Do you all want to know what this life changing event was?


I know what you all are thinking. Yeah, yeah, yeah. We all know about Beachbody and their workouts and Shakeology. Let me tell you something. Yes, I love their products. Yes, I workout every day with their programs. Yes, I drink Shakeology every day. But those things are NOT what Summit was about. Summit was 95% personal and business development (and I’m NOT just talking Beachbody business development) and 5% about the products.

So what was all this business and personal development? Every day we had workshops that we could attend. These workshops included topics about team building, relationship building, working on social media, leadership, and finding and telling your story. All of these workshops gave me amazing tools that I will be able to use for all of my businesses including Beachbody, my blog and my web development business.

This was in my fortune cookies the day before I left for Summit.

And let me tell you about the personal development!! OMG, I still can not get over the emotions that I had during Chalene Johnson’s talk! Let me just lay this out there. The very first thing she started with was a “Let’s Get It On” montage and telling us we all needed to be having more sex with our spouses. One of the funniest things I’ve seen!! So her talk wasn’t just about sex. It was about valuing our relationships with our spouses and putting that relationship before anything else in our lives. It’s so easy to get bogged down with day to day life and forget the relationships that are right in front of you. We forget to be supportive and love each other. And most importantly we get so busy that we can forget to just be together and just talk. Let’s face it. Life isn’t always going to be sunshine and rainbows, but if we have a solid, supportive relationship with our spouse we can get through the hard times and KICK ASS through the good times.

Oh and the Simon Sinek talk. Wow, wow, wow! He talks about our addiction to technology and how it’s destroying our relationships. OUCH! Talk about a reality check! He talked about our desire as humans to be safe and our desire to make other proud of us.

So I got to go to all of these awesome workshops, motivational talks, workout live with Chalene Johnson and Shaun T and workout live with 20,000 other coaches. All of these experiences were amazing and life changing. But the best and most important thing that I took from Summit are the relationships with my team members. I’ve been friends with these people on Facebook for over a year now. Up until Summit, I had only met 3 of them. But after Summit I left Nashville with 30 new best friends. I really genuinely mean that. Getting to hang out with my best friends was worth the trip to Nashville alone. I’m so lucky to be a part of this team. Beachbody has become so much more than just working out and drinking shakes. It is about the relationships. Really caring about people and wanting to see people be successful. Everyone matters!! And that means you!

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