How To Get Your Teenager Excited About Camping

How to Get Your Teenager Excited About Camping

Do you get the long sigh and eye roll when you tell your teenager you are going camping? I know we do. Every. Single. Time. It never fails our teenager is never excited about our camping trips no matter where we go. Even though the idea of camping doesn’t excite our teenager she actually has fun when we go. I’ll give you some tips on how to make sure your teenager has fun on your camping trips.

Give Your Teenager Freedom

The campgrounds we pick out are always super family friendly. I always feel safe letting my teenager have some freedom to explore the campground on their own and make friends. Teenagers love the idea of being trusted enough to explore on their own. 

Be Flexible With Technology

I know, I know. Part of the reason we go camping is to take a break from technology and have a bit of a detox. During our camping trips I’ve found it easier to be flexible with technology. This doesn’t mean I allow our teenager to have unlimited tech time. But I do allow my teenager to have a little tech time in the evenings or if we are having a rainy day. 

Have Your Teenager Help

When we had our camper our teenager became a pro at packing the camper and helping with setup when we got to the campground. I also send both of our kids on adventures to search for sticks and wood for our campfires. And I let my teenager help with meal prep. Giving teenagers a role to play in your camping experience keeps them from getting bored and makes for some great bonding experiences. 

Bring the Bikes

We always come equipped with bikes on our camping trips. Our neighborhood isn’t exactly biking friendly. Since the speed limits at campgrounds are so low and there are lots of loops to explore this gives kids a great place to ride bikes. My kids often spend their days riding bikes all day long in between swimming.

Find a Campground With Fun Amenities

Some of the best camping experiences we’ve had have been at some campground resorts. I know it’s not exactly roughing it. But it really makes for a fun experience for the kids to have fun things to do. Look for campgrounds with pools, waterslides and activities planned just for kids. 

Is your teenager resistant to camping? How do you get your teenager excited about camping?

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    This is a great post! The only thing is my teens are excited to go camping but I on the other hand…not so much! My kids need a post for “How to get your mom and dad excited to go camping” with the same tips, lol!

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    I needed this to gt ME excited about sampling. I can’t see myself doing any other camping aside from glamping.
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  3. We have gone camping for years, but I feel like it is changing as my daughter gets older. She wants to bring her friends instead, so we will have to try some of these things.

  4. These are really great tips! My sister is having a problem encouraging her son to go outdoors and this post might be what she needs. Thank you for sharing this and I just forward this to her as well.

  5. Rikki Ridgeway – Hello world! Just a stay at home mom, trying to survive this motherhood life. I hope you enjoy my journey, and will follow along.

    Great tips to keep teens entertained about camping. I’ll share this with my sister, she’s got teens and I think they’re wanting to go camping.

  6. Love this great camping guide. I’m very excited to do camping after the lock down. Really this article is really helpful for me. Thank you for sharing it.

  7. this s a really amazing article on together camping because in busy lives these spending time is so precious and lovely. I really love your article to get excited your teenager about camping. thanks for sharing a beautiful article about camping together.

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