How To Encourage Your Kids To Play Outdoors More

When you were little, you likely played outside, running around with your friends until the streetlights came on. Look at the children today; how many are playing outside? Parents find it difficult to encourage their kids to play outdoors more with the growth in technology. However, getting outdoors and being present in nature has numerous benefits, such as lowering stress levels. If you’re concerned that your child isn’t playing outside as much as they should, consider using our advice to encourage them to do so!

Limit Screen Time

The culprit that might be preventing your child from finding the motivation to play outside is the time spent in front of a screen. Without the easy distractions of video games or YouTube videos, your child must find ways to entertain themselves. Less time in front of the screen provides more time for outdoor exploration. Set a screen and device usage limit so your child can prioritize doing something outside.

Be Consistent With Your Routine

Consistency is crucial in all aspects of your child’s life. Having a consistent routine of playing outside will boost your child’s confidence and security within themselves. Plus, the more you spend each day outdoors, the more they will get used to this new routine. Try taking daily walks after dinner or setting aside playtime after school every day.

Let Them Take the Lead and Follow Their Interests

A great way to encourage your kids to play outdoors more is to let them take the lead and follow their interests. Your child isn’t going to have a fun time or take to playing outside if you’re forcing them to do something they don’t want to do. For example, stand-up paddle boarding is great for kids, and if your child has an interest in this water sport, why not let them try it? You might even find a new activity you like too! Essentially, let your children decide what they want to do outside and go from there.

Provide Safe Places To Play Independently

When your child is older, they might not appreciate mom and dad hovering around their play area. Your child will want to be independent every once in a while. Providing them with a safe place to independently play outside can help your child experience much-wanted freedom and put your mind at ease. Independent places to play might be a backyard swing set, sandbox, trampoline, etc.

Purchase Outdoor Toys

You can also encourage outdoor play by purchasing toys and gadgets specifically for the outdoors. This might include water balloons, jump ropes, sand toys, and chalk—you name it! When these resources are available, your child will be more intrigued to play outdoors.

It’s essential to interact with nature, and outdoor play helps your children expend their energy and build new skills. Encourage your kids to do this more with the tips above. How do you get your kids to play outside more?

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