How I solved the itchy wig problem

I have found two solutions to the itchy wig problem! When I started wearing wigs just a few weeks ago, I started out with synthetic wigs. And let me tell you, my little bald head does not like synthetic wigs, but I have found a solution to that.

I did a bunch of research on all of the different wig liner caps. Of course, when you buy wigs, they come with little nylon wig caps, basically a pantyhose that you wear on your head. What I found with the nylon, I think between the nylon and the synthetic combined with the cap built into the wig, I think it was just an itchy hell built into my scalp. So I would wear the wigs and not even 30 minutes to an hour into wearing the wigs I’m itching, it’s like, “Oh my God, get this thing off of my head.”

Solution 1: Bamboo Wig Liners

Bamboo wig liners are very, very soft, very flexible material. You can find them on Amazon for around $10. I found this by just searching for itchy relief for wigs with people with bald heads because what I have found is that people with hair that wear wigs don’t tend to have itchiness as bad as people who are bald like myself. So I had to find a unique solution to a, I guess, not so unique problem.

The only problem that I have with the bamboo liner is that it’s not so little. So for people with larger heads, this’ll be fine. But for people with smaller heads like myself it’s a little big and it’s a lot looser than the nylon liners, which is fine with me because part of the problem with the nylon liners, for me, is that after wearing it all day, when I take it off, I have this line all around my head and I tend to get headaches from the nylon liners. So that’s no good. What I do is when I put a bamboo liner on, since it’s a little bigger, I just roll it up a little bit so that it’s on there a little more secure.

Solution 2: Hand-tied Wigs

I have found another wig solution that was recommended by a group that I’m in on Facebook. They all highly recommended that for people with sensitive heads, that are sensitive to itchies, that you get hand-tied wigs. Now I ordered this wig and this one is hand-tied. So it’s a lot softer on the inside and it doesn’t itch as bad. This is a really pretty wig. I really like it a lot. It’s got a human hair blend and so the hair is really soft and flexible and it’s not helmet like, like the synthetic wig

hand-tied wig

I actually prefer to wear this wig without a liner at all. It stays on my head a little more snug without the liner and it doesn’t move around and it doesn’t itch, it doesn’t bother me. With this one, I wore it all day yesterday and did not wear a liner with it at all and it worked out beautifully. Didn’t itch at all, didn’t bother me.

Wig Band: Not So Great

I will tell you one solution that did not work for me. That is the wig band. The way this is supposed to work is supposedly you wear the wig band under your wig and attach it under your wig, and it’s supposed to help the wig not slip. I have not, so far, found this to work very well. This itches even though it’s really soft. It’s like a velvety material. It still itches, and that kind of sucks.

Another thing that I don’t like about it, maybe this is another small head problem, it tends to bunch up down here in the back. Even though it’s probably not noticeable to anybody else, I can still feel it back there and I’m constantly trying to adjust it and move it to where it’s not bunched up. So that kind of bugs me. So the itchiness combined with it not doing its job of keeping the wigs put and it’s bunchiness problem, this isn’t my favorite. I gave it a try. I’m testing things out. I’m trying to find my wig groove here.

If you all are trying to find your wig groove and you are experiencing the itchy scalp problem, these are your solutions. Get you a bamboo liner or get a hand-tied wig. The hand-tied wigs are a little bit more expensive than the 30, $40 wigs that you would buy on Amazon, but they’re not that much more expensive. I will tell you, comfort is priceless.

Do you have any other solutions to the itchy wig problem? I would love to hear from you! Leave me a comment!

9 thoughts on “How I solved the itchy wig problem”

  1. These are great tips! My mom wears wig and she also used to complain about itchy scalp. She actually likes to wear her wigs without liners because it allows more air flow and doesn’t bother her as much as if she did wear a liner underneath. I will let her know about the Bamboo Liner. I don’t think she has heard of it.

    Maureen |

  2. This is interesting. I didn’t know that there is much to consider before wearing a wig. I’ll save this post and recommend to my friends who wear wigs.

  3. Amy Dong – United States – Boy Mom, Fur Mom, Marathoner, Food Blogger, Big Laugher

    That sounds like a good answer to my friend’s problem. She loves wearing wigs but wants to avoid that itchy issue on wearing them. I will be sharing this with her, thanks.

  4. danielleridgway – Momma to an angel and a rainbow. Journeying through grief, parenting after loss, and living life one day at a time. Want to hear more from me? Follow me on Instagram: @greyskies.rainbowhighs If you have any other questions or anything else, just let me know. Thanks for reading!

    Such a good tip. I don’t wear wigs often, but when I do, I’ll refer back to this!

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