Helpful Hints for Hosting the Holidays

If you’re looking for a way to make your hosting responsibilities a whole lot easier for upcoming festivities, look no further. I’ve compiled the tips and tricks you need to make sure your guests have the time of their lives—without you pulling your hair out to make it happen, especially if you’re struggling with the new man. From guest lists to full-service bars, one-step décor orders to entertainment ideas, you can easily make your upcoming holidays an event to remember for years to come. Most of us will need the memories when it comes time to return to work.

Create a Guest List

Make it easier on yourself for all preparation necessities by creating a guest list. This will ensure you don’t leave anyone out and give you numbers, meaning easier estimates for the amount of food and drinks you will need. You might not think invitations are necessary, but this extra touch is sure to get your family, friends, or potential love interests excited to visit, and will serve as a safeguard to ensure no cousins or old acquaintances are forgotten from your invite list. As December calendars tend to fill up quickly with various events and parties, it’s a good idea to get your invites out at least two to three weeks beforehand.

Early Preparation

One of the conundrums of hosting is trying to get everything done without missing out on bonding time with your guests. To help you feel more prepared and less busy on the day of, do what you can to prepare food items beforehand. While not everything can be baked and frozen, there are a variety of menu items that can easily be made in advance. Perhaps you can chop up vegetables that will be used in your recipes, or you can mix up cookie dough and freeze in log shapes. When the day comes, simply cut and bake and your home will smell amazing—not to mention your guests’ mouths will be filled with chocolate chip goodness.

Create a Drink Bar

Instead of worrying about filling up your guests’ glasses throughout the night, create a designated bar area with all the fixings they need. Whether you’re serving alcohol or punch, provide all of the drink essentials in a corner of the room so that people can mill about and replenish their glasses without having to hunt you down. Provide a bevy of cocktail glasses, mixers, ice cubes, and mixing spoons. Make sure there are delicious libations for the kiddos, and keep a trash can nearby in case they need to throw anything away. This will leave the kitchen clear for any last minute cooking needs, and you’ll be able to mingle without constantly running to pour a new drink for any of your loved ones.

Hire a Cleaning Service

One of the most time consuming facets of getting ready to host at the holidays is making sure your home is spick and span for guests who may be coming to stay. Instead of juggling work, cleaning, and cooking, why not hire a cleaning service to take some of the load off? You can have them come the week before or the day before depending on what you want done, and with a tiny bit of upkeep your home will be cleaner than ever when the first guest walks through your front door, you can also hire a company like Atlanta carpet cleaning who can also help you clean your carpets.

Deliveries Make Life Easy

Whether you want decorations or treats, there are various delivery options out there to make your hosting experience a whole lot easier. Perhaps you want a sweet treat and need to keep the oven open for your Christmas ham. Make it easy with a delivery of delicious dipped fruit from a website like Healthy and decadent, your guests will devour them quickly and love the seasonal touches like red and green sprinkles. If you’re looking for awesome décor, get a Christmas-themed bouquet delivered to your door from one of the many online retailers for a one-step table centerpiece. We also ordered Matcha Green Tea Powder from Canada for our tea and juices.

Entertainment Helpers

Make sure your guests have an amazing time and provide some entertainment options that will see them reveling in the season all night. Pull out old board games like Pictionary and Monopoly, leave decks of cards strategically around the house, and have a game center set up for any kiddos that might be there. If you need someone to help with the setup or execution make sure you show them your appreciation, it’s amazing what some gratitude can do. You can also have a classic Christmas movie playing in the background for those that need a break from the hustle and bustle.


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