Five Things That New Moms Shouldn’t Worry About As Much As They Do

Being a new mom for most is a scary experience as well as an exciting one. It’s hard not to worry about what your little one doesn’t or does do. 

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Below are five of the things you don’t need to worry about as a new mom: 

Lot’s Of Crying 

Yes, constant crying is going to alarm you, however, it’s important to remember that some degree of crying is absolutely normal for babies. It’s the only form of communication that they have with their parents. They cry for exactly the same reasons as an adult or child might make themselves feel better when they are upset. Now this doesn’t mean physically hurt babies will cry when they are in pain, hungry, cold, hot, or just want some love and cuddles. You will soon get used to what their cry means. 


New moms put a hell of a lot of pressure on themselves to get breastfeeding right from the beginning. However, not many moms are able to do this, and it’s completely normal. It’s not likely that you will get the hang of breastfeeding instantly. It may be natural, however, it doesn’t always come naturally to everyone. Some new moms need help, practice ad support from places like lactation centers

While a newborn will have a powerful instinct to breastfeed they also need some practice to latch and suck. Both you and your baby are learning to master a new skill, so don’t be hard on yourself. You should also not worry about substituting some feeds for formula, at times, you may need to top up your supply, this is nothing to be ashamed about. 

Hitting Milestones 

It can be hard not to get caught up in milestones, especially if you have friends with babies who are a similar age to yours. Comparing milestones is something that all moms do, but it should be avoided. Just like every adult is different, every baby is too. All children develop at different rates, so you should never be alarmed if your baby isn’t hitting milestones at the same time as the internet says they should or as their peers. 

Getting Back To Pre-pregnancy Shape

You will see countless celebrities who just seem to bounce back and lose their pregnancy weight instantly, and this puts a tremendous amount of pressure onto any new mom. This certainly not something that you should be worrying about. It’s not realistic, and it’s definitely unhealthy to think you can bounce back overnight. Take the time to bond with your baby, and as soon as you are given the go-ahead, you can start exercising again. 


Even though you have been waiting a long nine months to meet your baby, you may not bond with them right away. This is nothing to be scared about. Not all moms experience an instant bond after birth. It’s completely normal. Bonding is definitely a growing process, and it almost never happens immediately. Feeding and cuddling your baby will help you to build a strong bond. 

These five areas are certain things that many new moms worry about a little too much when they shouldn’t. Is there anything that you are worried about? Please share some in the comments below. 


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