February Blog Challenge – Write More

start doing

I will challenge myself to write a new blog post everyday for the month of February. As much as today is sucking so far I’m going to suck it up and sit down and write my blog post. Because we all have bad days and sometimes it’s nice to read a real blog post from a real person going through real struggles.

So just to do a quick recap of January. I actually thought January was a fantastic month. I took steps to help my husband with this business. I got my eating back on track. I finished 21 Day Fix Extreme and started my half marathon training. I fixed my hair to a style and color that I actually really love and can realistically maintain. My kids are kicking butt and taking names at school. And I have taken steps to improve my marriage.

So while February has gotten off to a beyond shitty start I have to remind myself that I am a kick ass awesome person. Anyone who thinks otherwise can shove it! 2016 IS going to be awesome whether it wants to be or not. I WILL NOT have a repeat of 2015.

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