Father’s Day Gift Ideas To Make It Special

Finding the perfect Father’s Day gift can be difficult. Many men simply don’t keep a running list of things they want, making it hard to ask for gift ideas. You might think of the best golf gifts for your dad or a brand new beer mug, but what happens when you’ve run out of ideas? Thankfully, we’ve done the hard work for you by creating a list of awesome Father’s Day gifts to make it special.

Subscription Services

You can make Father’s Day last longer by signing your father, husband, or relative up for a fun subscription service. From whiskey samples to unique coffee imports, there is a wide range of monthly gift boxes available online. Most will even offer a two- or three-month package deal in exchange for a discount on the price per box.

Sleek Tech Gadgets

Technology is always improving, meaning even the thriftiest man needs to update his tech sometime. Treat the dad in your life to a sleeker version of something he already uses for an automatic win. Not sure which gadget needs an upgrade? Some of the most popular electronic items include headphones, e-book readers, and other tools he can use to enjoy his favorite media.

Pillows and Back Supports

Most men love practical gifts, even the ones who don’t enjoy spending money on themselves. A splurge on a new self-cooling pillow or office chair back support is something he’ll appreciate for months and years to come.

Massage Reservation

There’s no better form of rest and relaxation than having the stress of a long day worked out of your muscles by a trained masseuse. If you know his schedule, do your dad a favor and make the appointment ahead of time. Plus, a printed reservation slip fits nicely inside a card.

Family Picnic

Sometimes, the best gift is the gift of time. An opportunity to slow down might be just the thing he needs after a busy week. Loading up the picnic basket or cooler with finger-friendly snacks will make cleanup a breeze.

Memorial Gifts

If Father’s Day brings up emotions regarding a deceased loved one, consider gifting a memento. You can make Father’s Day special by transforming a favorite photo into a painting, adding it to a mug, or framing it as a print.

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