Fall/Winter Beach Trip: What You Expect vs. What You Get

Those of us who live in states that have to deal with cold winters sometimes spend our winters wishing to be on a warm tropical beach. Some of us even plan out beach vacations over the holidays to try to have a piece of that warm beach in the winter. I’m one of those people. And I’m here to tell you right now that unless you plan your holiday trip to the beach south of Miami you will be taking a chance of not having that warm winter paradise you were hoping for.

Last year my family took a trip to Destin, FL over Christmas to visit my family. I knew it would be too cool to play in the ocean, but I wasn’t expecting the near 30 degree weather. Let me tell you 30 and 40 degree weather at the beach is FRIGID. This year we had the opportunity to spend Thanksgiving in Folly Beach. While it’s not frigidly cold like it was in Destin so far it has rained the ENTIRE time we’ve been here.

So rather than be all, “Boohoo, I’m at the beach and it’s cold and rainy”, I’m going to give you all some tips on how to make the best of a winter beach trip. Because let’s face it, you are at the beach, away from the stress of home and work and you actually have time to relax. Enjoy it!

  1. Go play in the rain! We went for a walk on the beach yesterday while there was a little break in the rain. I saw one of the locals with a genius idea. They were geared up in their rain boots and rain jackets just walking along the water line and enjoying themselves. On my next beach trip I will be bringing rain boots!
  2. Bundle up and go look for shells! Because it’s colder out there aren’t going to be many people at the beach. There are tons of great shells just waiting to be picked over.
  3. Go explore the city. It’s harder to explore the cities during the summer because it’s miserably hot and sometimes crowded. Winter in the perfect time to explore the cities and avoid the crowds and the heat.
  4. Find some local museums. A lot of beach towns are filled with rich history. Go seek out that history!
  5. Still wanting to get in a good swim? Go find either an indoor pool or a heated pool to get your swimming fix, but make sure the installations are safe, when the professionals from www.osullivaninstalls.com have been involved you will know it is safe.
  6. Find some hiking spots.Enjoy some good family time in. You don’t always have to be on the go while you are on vacation.
  7. Enjoy some downtime and play some games or take a nap!

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    These look like some excellent tips to remember for when visiting beachy area’s when the weather is poor.

  2. Parent On Board – United States – I am a blogger and mental health professional. I strive to make the parenting journey easier and more enjoyable by using my background in mental health and my experience as a mom of 2.

    These sound like great tips for a beach trip in the winter. With the right clothes, anything can work.
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  3. Flossie – USA – Mama of two who blogs about this crazy journey called parenthood at http://supermomhacks.com - parenting tips, tricks, and hacks to help you save time, save money, and preserve your sanity, mostly based on things I've had to learn the hard way :)

    All very solid tips. I don’t think of a winter vacation to the southern US as being “beach” weather, ever. Even the year we went to south Texas, thanks to that polar vortex phenomenon, temps dropped below freezing – we did not have enough warm clothes with us!

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