Crazy Sister Dolphin Excursion

crazy sister dolphin excursion

No beach trip is complete without a dolphin sighting. The sight of dolphins swimming and playing in the ocean brings me joy. That is why for our last day at the beach I decided to book a dolphin excursion for my family with Crazy Sisters Marina in Murrells Inlet.

During our week at Myrtle Beach we saw sold out dolphin excursions so we had mentally prepared ourselves to be crammed on a boat with a bunch of tourists. But to our surprise our boat was actually quite roomy. The excursion wasn’t sold out and even if it had been we would have had plenty of space to spread out comfortably and still have a nice view.

As we set out to the ocean, we went through the intercoastal and had views of beautiful homes. The captain warned us that he couldn’t guarantee a dolphin sighting, but he knew where some were hanging out for about an hour before our departure so we headed in that direction.

We got out on the ocean and passed Huntington Beach Park. The captains told us about the history of the park and how the land was donated by Anna Hyatt Huntington as her legacy to protect the beaches from over development. You can see Anna’s home from the ocean.

Just after we passed Huntington Beach State Park the captain slowed down the boat to show us our first treat. We got to see a massive leatherback turtle swimming around in the ocean. This is a rare sighting so we were all pretty excited. The leatherback turtle is the largest living turtle and is vulnerable to being endangered. They feed on jellyfish which we saw tons of during our excursion.

As we were stopped watching the turtle swim around we saw a family of dolphin swimming around on the other side of the boat. No matter what side of the boat you were on you could see either the turtle and jellyfish or dolphins. It was absolutely spectacular.

One of the things I really loved about our excursion was the education we got from our captains. They were full of knowledge about the sea life and the area. And the best part is they are extremely eco-friendly. The captains talked to us about how bad plastic is for the ocean and encouraged us all to do our part to keep the beaches from being polluted. I’m sure you have been to the beach during peak season and noticed trash left on the beach. It is super important that we don’t leave trash behind on the beaches for the sea-life to get tangled up in or eat.

The next time you are in the Myrtle Beach and Murrells Inlet area take a cruise from Crazy Sister Marina. You will have a blast!

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