Why You Should Choose a Beachbody Coach Instead of Infomercials

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This post is in response to the many, many comments I get from people telling me horror stories about trying to order Beachbody programs by phone. Let me start by saying yes, I am a Beachbody coach and yes, I love their programs. BUT I do NOT recommend ordering their products by calling the number you see in their infomercials. Here are the reasons why I think you should order from a Beachbody coach rather than the infomercials:

  1. The infomercials prey on people who hope to get a good deal and freebies.

    They get you all excited with the amazing testimonials (which yes, they are real. I personally know people who have been testimonials in the infomercials.). You get all pumped up to Cize it up! And then they say you can get this program for 3 easy payments of $19.99 a month! Sounds like a deal right! Plus they’ll throw in all of these bonuses. I’m about to give it to you straight about these “deals”. 1. The $19.99 a month ends up coming out to over $70 for a program when it’s all said and done with taxes and shipping. A coach can get you a better deal than that. 2. The bonuses already come with the package in most scenarios. 3. By the time you are done with the pushy sales person over the phone they will have sold you everything under the sun without you being able to get in the word NO. Coaches will not try to upsell you. At least the good coaches won’t.

  2. You will be assigned a coach at random when you purchase through infomercials.

    Wouldn’t you rather have a coach that you know and trust? Your health and fitness journey is something very personal to you. Each person has unique needs. You will want to make sure that your coach matches well with your personality and can help you with your needs. You aren’t guaranteed that you will get that ideal coach when you order through the infomercials.

  3. Buying through infomercials puts money into a pushy telemarketers pocket

    Wouldn’t you rather that commission go to a friend who is a coach rather than a pushy telemarketer?

Coaches are a valuable asset to your health and fitness journey. They are people who have gone through the programs and gone through the struggles and know how to pull themselves out of unhealthy habits. They use their personal experience to encourage you through your journey. And coaches know that there is no end to our health and fitness journey. Our journeys aren’t over when we finish a fitness program. We are a constant work in progress and coaches understand that and are here to help you. So before you pick up that phone to get that $19.99 a month deal, consider reaching out to a Beachbody coach to see how they can help you.

Don’t know a Beachbody coach? Well, now you do! Give me a shout if you need help! : )

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