Camper Holiday Shopping Guide

camper holiday shopping guide

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As you start thinking about holiday shopping, you might not be thinking about Christmas gifts for your camper. I’m sure by now you have winterized your camper, but it’s not too soon to start thinking about the next camping season. Make sure you are ready for camping season by taking a look at our camper holiday shopping guide.

  1. Lavario
    The Lavario is a fantastic manual powered washing machine. Having a Lavario on your camping trips will allow you to keep camping without worrying about running out of clothes and having to find a laundromat.
  2. Mattress Topper

    Let’s face it. The mattress that comes with your camper isn’t the most comfortable thing in the world. It gets the job done and is better than sleeping on the ground. But wouldn’t it be nice to have a nice comfortable mattress. A mattress topper could be just the addition you need to get a better nights sleep in your camper.
  3. Drying Rack

    You’ll need a place to dry your clothes after you wash them with your new Lavario. Grab an inexpensive drying rack to get the job done.
  4. Patio Mat

    We keep our shoes outside to keep the dirt outside of the camper. There is nothing worse than waking up in the morning to step out onto the gravel to put your shoes on. Get a nice patio mat so that you will have a nice comfortable space outside. Your feet will thank you.
  5. LED Light Strips

    These fancy LED lights change colors and even work with an app with your phone. They will add a fun little touch to your outdoor party.
  6. Bike Bumper Rack

    Our kids love to ride their bikes while we are camping. We can fit their bikes in our camper, but it’s not exactly ideal to have dirty bikes in the camper while we are on the road. This handy bike bumper rack allows all 4 of us to bring our bikes on our camping trips.
  7. Solar Panel Kit

    Going camping off the grid? This solar panel kit will come in handy to give you power without the loud generator.

Do you have any camper gadgets that would be perfect for the camper in your life? I would love to hear about them. Leave me a comment!

22 thoughts on “Camper Holiday Shopping Guide”

  1. itsnotcomplicatedrecipes

    I am going to share this post with my parents, as they have been interested in going on a camper holiday for a long time. I think they will find it very useful!

  2. I went looking at the Nexus Bentley and luv luv that it comes with propane. I would luv to have solar panel you right the generator can be really loud. What load do you recommend?

  3. pslater1972 – I am whatever you want me to be. Unless you want me to be the backend of a pantomime horse. My forty five year old back is just not up to it...

    My partner and children are desperate for a Camper. So far I’ve resisted but this post made me waver a little.

  4. These things could make camping easier and fun, I was thinking of having a few camping trips during next summer, just to feel out the nature.

  5. These are all great gadgets you’ve mentioned in your post. Someday, I would love to own a camper. I hope I remember to get these really useful gadgets!

  6. Jas krish – We are Jas and krish from the beautiful country India. Krish has more than 30 years experience in leadership position and Human Resource Management and led large teams comprising personnel from diverse fields and backgrounds. Decision making and motivational skills, the bane of many a modern leaders, are my forte. Jas has been in leadership position in the field of Education for more than 25 years and worked extensively for spreading education in rural areas of North India. We believe that Life is beyond routine and every new day comes packed with opportunities. We are here to share our life experiences both personal and professional, and gain from others. We passionately follow our interest of travelling and thus far travelled through the length and breath of our beautiful country and few locations abroad.;. Happiness is what we seek and wish to share.

    It will be great fun to own and travel in a camper…you have given some very practical suggestions for improving the comfort level.
    Thank you

  7. ZyraKuma – Australia – I'm an Australian/Vietnamese lifestyle blogger at ZyraKuma. I blog about self-wellbeing, productivity and blogging advice. I hope to inspire you guys and help those in need to become their better selves. Talking about becoming their better self, I also use my blog to let out my thoughts on topics I'm pretty passionate about.

    LED Light Strips makes camping look so much magical and the mattress is a must!

  8. CARMEN | Wellington World Travels – Wellington World Travels is a personal travel website of Han, Carmen, Charles & Cataleya. Follow our world travels, family adventures, photos, reviews and expat experience.

    I am not a camper. When I do, I will definitely consider all these goodies. Thanks for sharing.

  9. These are all helpful products when camping especially the Mattress topper and Led light strips. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Goodness, the camper is so lit! Pretty awesome to the point that I would want one. But reality check – I could not afford it. Awesome pictures by the way.

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