5 Steps to Beat Writer’s Block

writer's block

Today is the day. I am going to beat my 8-month long writer’s block.  I am going to start writing on a consistent basis and I will not get distracted. I will finish this post and maybe even publish it.

What caused this writer’s block? What has taken me so long to get back in the groove of writing? I love writing, so what’s the big deal. Everyday I keep telling myself, “Today is going to be the day.” The next thing I know the day has gotten away from me and I find myself saying, “Ok, tomorrow is going to be the day. I will start tomorrow.” I don’t let myself get away with this thinking and procrastination when it comes to working out so I need to break this trend with my writing. Today is the day the procrastination stops.

My game plan for getting back on track:

  1. Getting started right now! As my husband told me this morning, “The most obvious thing you have to do to break writer’s block is to start writing.”
  1. Removing obstacles and making it easy to just sit down and write. As I sat down to write this post I ran into all sort of obstacles because it had been so long since I had written. Microsoft Word wanted me to login and I couldn’t find my correct login information. My email was open so I got distracted reading emails. I finally just had to close everything down, put Word in full-screen mode and just start writing.
  1. Set aside 20 minutes a day to write.
  1. Put myself in a distraction free zone. I will turn off my phone, close my door and just write for 20 minutes.
  1. Find accountability partners. There are tons of groups on Facebook for writing support. I will find ONE of those groups to participate in and I will only use one group because if I join more than one I will just get distracted.

Look at that! I just wrote my first blog post in ages and I am one step closer to beating my writer’s block. I will be back tomorrow. In the meantime, it’s time to edit and post.

If you have made it this far, I want to hear from you. Have you ever suffered from writer’s block? If so, how did you beat it?

20 thoughts on “5 Steps to Beat Writer’s Block”

  1. Love your plan for beating writer’s block. My solution to writer’s block is indeed to ‘just write’. I like to block off time to write so my energy is focused in chunks. That works better for me.

  2. These are such practical and realistic tips! I love the “JUST GET STARTED” tip. I often find that is is the best way for me to get writing! Funny how something so simple will be so effective! 🙂

  3. jenniferhquisenberry – United States – Animal lover, dog mom, reader of good books, philanthropy junkie, blogger, social influencer, indie film producer and wife.

    This is awesome! Good for you to set out a plan on how to beat it! Deciding that you will is the very first step. I go to a writer’s group each week – we just met last night and someone had the exact same issue. Having accountability partners to help you get unstuck is so valuable! You never know when one of them will say just the thing that gives you that aha moment.

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    Mostly what to write about. Find bloglovin to be very motivating.

  5. Yeah! You did it! I think finding a spot where there are fewer distraction works well for me. I always write once a week because my post is lengthy ( between 1200 to 1500), but I have decided to write shorter post 600- 900 words so that I can write more often during he week.

  6. Take you took the first step to overcoming writers block. I keep a file of ideas, quotes, thoughts etc. when I am stuck I go to the file and look for inspiration. It works!

  7. Manifesting My Destiny with Lorii Abela – Chicago, Illinois

    Great that you have a plan to get back to writing. What I have found that worked for me is setting aside a break time away from home so that I would not feel obliged to do other things except writing.

  8. I have writer’s block daily, I have a food blog so the recipe is definitely a start but filling in the rest of the post, is a real struggle. And all those obstacles- I feel you

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    Thea are great tips that i can actually use. I do experience writer’s block here and there
    Kim recently posted…Holiday Gift Guide: Top Disney Toys for Disney-Loving Girls

  10. adrianeryann – United States – Hi! I'm a mom to three boys and a wife to a super handy amazing man. From being a photographer for now blogger, I have an obsession with learning about whatever I'm currently doing and sharing that knowledge with others.

    My problem is if it’s doesn’t seem like i”m going to have a good chunk of time to be able to write then why should I even start. I love your write for 20 minutes a day tip because that seems doable!

  11. Parent On Board – United States – I am a blogger and mental health professional. I strive to make the parenting journey easier and more enjoyable by using my background in mental health and my experience as a mom of 2.

    Great tips for writer’s block. It’s the worst when you feel you need to sit down and write and you can’t. I personally find it helpful to do something else for a short time if I’m really stuck and then get back to writing. Sometimes if it’s really not working out, I will transition to a different topic altogether and then revisit the original one at a later time.

  12. The Snazzy Mom – Hi I am Arushi, a happily married full time working boy mom based in Austin, Texas. I started my blog in 2016 after the birth of my son and I share all things I love - mommy and me fashion, lifestyle, fitness, family adventures and of course all things on motherhood. The Snazzy Mom blog shall provide you with knowledge gleaned through my experiences, ideas and recommendations to stay stylish, have fun and live life to the fullest as a mom.

    i agree setting 20 mins everyday after my morning chores help me write on topics and think through ideas as it’s fresh to start the day at work.

  13. Heather – I'm a mama of one adorable little boy that gives me a run for my money every day, a wife to the most amazing husband I could ever have asked for, and a daughter of Christ. Being a mother is my purpose. Helping other mothers is my calling.

    These tips help so much! Thanks!

  14. Sarah’s Sage Advice

    Great tips. I try to get up and doing something else for a second. Sometimes I just need a break and distraction for a short time.

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