5 Simple Ways to Avoid Obesity

Apart from the physical problem of clothes not fitting anymore, obesity is one quite challenging problem several people face. It is a medical condition in which the surplus fat in the body accumulates to a point where it affects the health negatively.

Obesity is the ratio of weight to height, which is the BMI (Body Mass Index), and one is said to be obese when the Body Mass Index is greater than or equal to 30.

The causes of obesity are so many, ranging from stress to environment, health conditions, genetics, lack of exercise, and popularly, food. Prevention is and has always been better than seeking a cure in all cases—and obesity is not left out.

And even with the causes, effects and all, there are very easy ways to avoid obesity.

Change Your Behavior

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 It is best to let go of some unhealthy behaviors that seem quite normal to most people. The health of an individual should always be their priority; this way, there is a lower risk of obesity. Ensure to do frequent check-ups to determine the Body Mass Index (BMI). Furthermore, you can set healthy goals to help curb harmful habits.

Sometimes, it is best to have someone who has similar goals close by; that way, both parties are motivated, and your health remains your primary concern.

Always Eat Right

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 Another sure way to avoid obesity is to promote healthy eating habits. Avoid excess intake of junks, include fruits and vegetables in every diet, cut down fatty and sugary foods, and increase your intake of whole grains and highly proteinous foods. Having a food journal also helps keep track of food intake and nutritional goals.

Exercise Regularly

Obesity involves excess calories, and exercising has to do with burning these calories. An individual who exercises regularly is at a lower risk of being obese compared to others who don’t exercise at all.

Exercising is not all about visiting the gym or having to join a team or anything considered stressful. These exercises can be incorporated in day to day activities, like taking a short walk instead of boarding a bike, cycling, swimming, or even taking the stairs instead of the elevator.

Ensure You are Stress-free

Being stressed out is not always bad, neither is it a disease, but being overstressed is one factor that goes hand-in-hand with obesity. Knowing when it is time to rest is one factor that can prevent obesity. It is best to avoid activities that stress one out regularly, and in cases where those activities are inevitable, an organized rest pattern does wonders.

Having a good night rest should also be made a norm to help avoid obesity.


Smoking also helps prevent obesity. It has been discovered that the nicotine contained in cheap little cigars serves as an appetite suppressant. Smoking reduces the longing to have snacks regularly, and with fewer snacks, obesity is far from view. Studies reveal that one of the reasons most people still smoke is to avoid obesity; hence, it works!


Just like every other illness, obesity can be prevented. And although avoiding it might seem quite stressful or tasking, with these steps it sure would be a very exciting journey.

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